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Our tavern has a capacity of 60-70 seats. It is arranged in a typical folklore style and has 3 halls. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the tavern. Here you can find a plenty of Bulgarian traditional dishes. The food is skillfully prepared and very delicious. On request, we can prepare for you some of the typical Bulgarian breakfasts as banitsa (cheese pastry), pancakes, mekitsa (batter fried in deep oil), etc.


We can also arrange for you parties, banquets or other events.


We are happy to welcome you in Aneli Tavern Bansko. You can expect a cordial welcome with nice cuisine and excellent service.


Have a nice stay!








2770 Bansko , "Rila" str. № 10A
Tel./Fax: +359749/ 88071
GSM: 0888 885067
GSM: 0888 420233;
GSM: 0888 002601

"6.september" str. № 26
Tel.: 02/988 38 67, 981 35 43
GSM: 0888 885067
Fax: 02/980 29 56
e-mail: 2mko@2mko.com

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